RhinoSpect working together with corporate IT and GIS

Making you look like rock stars

If you're responsible for configuring and supplying field tools for your internal clients, RhinoSpect will allow you to configure once, and let them take over from there. No longer will you need to extract the data and format it for them. RhinoSpect takes care of it all for you. Your clients will enjoy instant access to their data, and any form changes are automatically synced to devices, so no need for devices to return to base.

In one hit RhinoSpect will make your job easier, and your clients will love you for it.


RhinoSpect configuration and management is all browser based, so you don't have the concern of installing software on PC's, or needing to provide elevated OS privelages to clients. By limiting imports to CSV data files and zipped jpegs, there is practically zero risk exposure to your IT systems.

Not only will RhinoSpect improve your offering to internal clients, but it will make you systems safer in doing so.


RhinoSpect offers several integration options from periodic batch synchronisation, through to a full REST API for seemless two way integration with your internal systems, which can ensure that they're always in sync.

Server deployment options

RhinoSpect.com provides the server on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, where no server installation or configuration is required. Alternatevely RhinoSpect server may be installed in-house, or should you wish to deploy the server into special environments, a Field Server option is available.

If you are interested in these options, contact us to discuss details and pricing.