Because your job is more important than the technology

You’re a soldier on tour in Afganistan mapping IED’s, or a landscaper in Byron Bay. You walk through croc infested waters in the NT, or study Bull Sharks in Sydney harbour. Perhaps you’re an environmental scientist investigating bamboo pollenation or a fireman battling Tasmanian fires. Your jobs are wide and varied, but you’re part of the same club. You call the outdoors your office, and you have an important job to do. You don’t need a gadget that makes your job more complicated. You want a tool that’s simple to use when you need it, and gets out of the way when you don’t.

Designed in the field, for the field

RhinoSpect was designed in the field as a tool for the Department of Defence. It was designed and tested in conjunction with the US Marine Corps and the Australian Army, not in an office, but in the dust, rain and terrain where the real work happens.

You won’t find features for fun. RhinoSpect is a tool. Buttons are bright, with distinct colours, so you still know what you’re doing when you can’t read clearly because of dust or rain. Those same buttons are big, so that you can use gloves, because there is no climate control in your office. Screens use light backgrounds so you can see them in the midday sun, and the GPS is only activated for the shortest possible time when required, to save battery power, because an armoured personnel carrier doesn’t come standard with USB charging ports.

Remote and capable

We know that network connections, cellular or WiFi, are a luxuary most field environments don’t have, so RhinoSpect offers full offline capability. From data capture and editing, to map backgrouds. And when you do have a connection, we expect that it’s probably only a sketchy cellular link, so we make sure we synchronise the important stuff first, and only try the large data like photos afterwards.


RhinoSpect was designed with classified data and highly secure IT environments in mind, but we also understand that you may want more flexibility. is hosted in the cloud, where no server installation or configuration is required. Alternatively it can be installed in-house, or should you wish to deploy the server into special environments, a Field Server option is available.


RhinoSpect runs on iOS, Android and Windows 8. The current breed of touch centric interfaces, makes it easy for novice and expert alike to use. Operators may choose between phone, tablet and any other form factor, depending on the specific requirement.


Used by the US Marine Corps and the Australian Department of Defence in both domestic and overseas operations, it has gained a strong reputation as a tool which, while providing high levels of functionality, can be put in the hands of an operator with only a Soldiers Five, and deliver the goods.