The simplest way to collect information in the
field, and use it in the office

Grab a tablet or phone


Perform your audits and inspections
(location + photos + notes)


Review your inspections

Collect geospatial data like never before. Mobile GIS made simple. From environmental audits and infrastructure inspections, to security and incident management. RhinoSpect's tailored input forms record the data and photos you need, while tagging the exact GPS location for later follow-up, or immediate response.
Transferring field data to the office is painless. RhinoSpect will transfer your data over any connection, WiFi, cellular or satellite, so that it's already waiting for you when you get back to base. And if you are going to stay in the field longer, you can provide access for other parties to monitor your inspections in near real time.

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Trusted by those we trust

The United States Marine Corps and the Australian Department of Defence continue to use RhinoSpect in support of major military exercises, in addition to ongoing domestic and foreign deployments.

You can trust us, because those you trust have relied on us for years.

Designed to be disconnected

RhinoSpect was designed to be used in environments with no connectivity. In fact RhinoSpect expects that when you do find a data connection, it will be a low quality cellular or radio link. If permanent high speed internet access is but a dream, we've got you covered.

Interested in how our opportunistic synchronisation works? Read more

Built for teams

RhinoSpect thinks teamwork is smart, and helps you do it better. Inspections created by you, can be viewed and updated by other members of your team. You can even give third parties access to your inspections as they unfold, from anywhere in the world, or beyond.

Learn more about our team features here.

Office integration as standard

Collecting information in the field is only half the story. RhinoSpect makes accessing your data in the office for reporting, analysis and archiving so simple, you will forget the pain it used to cause you.

We give you lots of ways to access your data. Read some more.

Location aware

Location is an integral part of field based work. View and search for inspections using your location, or a map, where distinctive icons can be used to differentiate between different types of inspections. Add custom map overlays from your GIS data and high resolution imagery.

Want to know about our location features? Just ask.

Logic and calculations

From a simple risk matrix, to complex form manipulation, RhinoSpect Forms offers full scripting capabilities to automate the simplest or most complex form based logic where you need it most, in the field.

For more details of our scripting capabilities, read more here.